Sugar & Sweeteners

Are you trying to find a wholesaler of organic sugar? You have come to the right site if you're looking for a business that offers a variety of sugar and sweetener items. We offer a broad selection of items to meet every demand, whether you need high-quality organic sugar for your café, restaurant, hotel, school, or store.

Organic sugarcane, coconut sugar, glucose powder, and a variety of syrups, including agave syrup, are just a few of the outstanding components we provide. Below is a list of all the organic ingredients we offer.

Sugar as a notion is not new. In fact, it's likely that people chewed sugar cane in prehistoric times for its sweet flavor. However, it wasn't until around that time that sugar cane appeared in a residential environment.

But regardless of where our organic ingredients are sourced, they follow sustainable practices. Our farmers take care of the land to ensure no harm is done to the earth since we believe that working with nature is the key to producing better food and a healthier planet. Additionally, they refrain from using chemical pesticides and fertilizers on any of our products because we are dedicated to using only organic components.

For instance, our Mozambican organic sugar cane has a single origin and isn't planted close to any non-organic cane farms. Our farmers all live and work in harmony on the land, and they establish the highest standards for their organic sugar cane.

These kinds of initiatives and goods are what set Naturell-ab apart from other sugar distributors. You can choose the products you sell to your consumers more carefully if you purchase your goods from us.

uses for sweeteners and sugar in the workplace

These days, it seems like sugar is necessary for everything, and your company may find many uses for our wide variety of organic sugar products. You can use our organic sugar cane and powdered sugar in baked goods, sweets, and hot beverages. It can be ordered in large quantities or divided up into smaller individual bags for retail sale.

We also have coconut sugar. In addition to being fantastic in baked goods and pastries, this may also be used to granola or trail mix as a sugar cane substitute that is healthier. The best element is that it can be used to make sweet sauces, especially those for Asian and Indian cuisines.

Additionally, we provide a variety of organic sweeteners, including corn syrup. Our corn syrup can be used in jams, jellies, desserts, and baking. Alternatively, you can sprinkle our rice syrup over sweets or hot foods like pancakes and waffles to enhance sweetness. Additionally complementing hot beverages, agave syrup might be provided to clients as a healthy alternative to sugar.

Finally, our tapioca maltodextrin can be a great stabiliser or can be used to give a smooth texture to dishes. It is an ideal fat replacer in desserts, cheese, dressings and sauces if you’re hoping to make healthier, low-fat options for your customers. Using a wholesale supplier

All the organic sugar and sweeteners we’ve mentioned above can be bought in quantities of up to 25kg. They can also be individually packaged and printed with your branded labels if that’s what you require for your business.

If you’d like to know more about buying any of our organic sweetener or sugar in bulk from a trusted sugar wholesaler, you can get in touch with our friendly team today.