What we do

GB Stars Commodities Limited, a multifaceted, diverse industrial organization involved in the production of the finest sugar grains, soybeans as well as related goods, is a market leader in the Brazilian sugar business. The company, which had a modest beginning when it opened its first facility in Consolation. Sao Paulo, Brazil, is now a dominant force in the production of ethanol and other industrial alcoholic beverages as well as sugar. The group, with its headquarters in Sao Paulo, is guided by the principle of either finding a method or forcing one to achieve excellence across its whole value chain.

We are best wholesaler exporter with sustainable food from all over the world

Modern manufacturing facilities with a combined daily production capacity of 31,000 tons of sugar make up our value chain. Our facilities are in the Sao Paulo state. We are continually trying to foster a sustainable growth plan that supports company profitability and environmental leadership, guided by the visionary focus of our highly qualified board of directors and our partners. Along with making a contribution to renewable energy, we also profit from it by selling CERs (Carbon Emission Reduction) and RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates). Our commitment to ethical behavior and openness is at the heart of our business strategy. This commitment is supported by a skilled and experienced workforce that is dedicated to providing excellence across all aspects of our operations.


--Efficiency in logistics where We have extensive warehouse, transportation, and terminal access from all major origins, which results in executional efficiency and control. Our comprehensive knowledge of logistical difficulties opens doors for unique supplier and customer solutions.

--Supply chain visibility from the sugar mill to final shipment destination plus alignment with Quality & Food Safety Management programs allows for quality differentiation: You can be confident in your supply.

--Flexibility of supply – Multiple origin access, global presence, and deep logistics expertise allow flexibility in supply. We provide flexible solutions for when there is an urgent need or if plans change.

--Execution expertise & experience – Deep sugar execution and expertise combined with a strong focus on our customers’ and suppliers’ needs helps ensure timely and efficient execution.

--Insights of our customers and suppliers benefit from the deep market insights our global footprint offers to help them make smart pricing, purchasing, and sales decisions.

We believe that the development of the communities in which we operate will result in the empowerment of not just the people in these communities but the nation at large.

Is our wholesale business all about a sustainable food supply?

Yes and again. Of course, as an food distributor, food ingredients have the absolute starring role. However, "organic" refers to much more than just our seeds, peanuts, and rice. In the end, it really comes down to the fundamental notion of restoring health and livability to the earth. A crucial step in that direction is to establish a food supply system that is entirely organic. However, there are also other things that we value highly. Think about packaging, for instance. Our goal is to have no impact on the climate. How? employing environmentally friendly foil, labels, ink, and adhesive for all of our packaging. We can ensure high quality products while streamlining our logistics and leaving a small carbon impact by locating our headquarters, warehouse, and packaging facilities in the same place.

The role of agriculture in producing sustainable food

A little under 40% of the world's surface is devoted to agriculture. As a result, it greatly affects the ecosystem. Sustainable agriculture is necessary for a healthy planet. We devote a lot of time and effort to the manner our products are grown because of this. Since it's not only about the things we make. It's about fostering and preserving the health of our world! GB Stars Commodities and our organic goods support this. We provide our consumers with 100% organic components and more than 1000 distinct organic goods. Our carefully curated global network of farmers grows and produces every one of our goods.


Making the world a little better through personal partnerships. We treat people fairly, from farmer to consumer.  We care for the whole chain.


We have a strong ambition to change the world’s agriculture towards organic farming and make a sustainable impact. For our planet, for our health and for future generations.


We are 100% committed to make the change happen. We do it by delivering 100% organic food.