We provide a huge selection of seeds as a wholesale source for you to pick from. We provide a wide variety of seeds, including sesame, flax, poppy, chia, and more, all of which have global origins. Below is a list of all the seeds we offer.

Our organic seeds are rich in nutrients that are good for your consumers' health and give you extra marketing alternatives. We don't use harsh pesticides or chemical fertilizers to grow our seeds. This indicates that not only are our seeds healthier for customers, but they are also more environmentally friendly and produced sustainably.

Our organic seeds come from many countries throughout the world. For instance, while our pumpkin seeds come from China, Germany, and The Netherlands, our chia seeds are farmed in Paraguay and Uganda. Our seeds have a variety of places of origin, but we make sure that they all have the same value and sustainable practices. All of our seeds are sustainably grown using organic farming practices. Our organic seeds are nutrient-rich.

Because our seeds have not been exposed to harsh pesticides or artificial fertilizers, using them can increase the nutrition for your clients. Pesticides and fertilizers both leave residues in seeds as well as on foods. Their nutritional value and flavor may be impacted by this.

All of our organic bulk seeds are very nutrient-dense. Consider our chia seeds, which have a 40% fibre content and are a good source of proteins and antioxidants. Protein-rich seeds are a great source of nutrients, especially for those who desire to eat a plant-based diet.

Considerable advantages of pumpkin seeds will also be discussed. They are a good source of fatty acids, protein, iron, and other nutrients. The superb natural flavor of pumpkin seeds makes them perfect for usage in bakeries and restaurants. Our seeds have a unique flavor.

Our seeds are excellent for many reasons than just their nutritious content. Due to their organic cultivation and processing, the taste is frequently more developed than that of conventional seeds.

This explains why our products are so well-liked by bakeries, restaurants, and other businesses in the food industry as a reliable seeds supplier. In fact, they are frequently employed in baking and cuisine, such as in cakes or as a salad garnish. They are also usable in stores that sell entire foods and refills.

How our seeds are raised to produce a sustainable and nutritious diet

This is called natural selection, which causes the weaker plants to die and the stronger crops to survive. Because our organically grown seeds have stronger genes, this allows them to thrive and, ultimately, leads to a more nutritional end product.

As a seeds wholesaler, we also invest heavily in building strong relationships with our farmers to ensure that we always offer top quality products to our customers. Order organic seeds online for a better environment

Aside from the health benefits and improved taste, the production of bulk organic seeds is more sustainable than that of regular seeds. That’s because at Naturell-ab, we are about more than just our products; we are about keeping our planet healthy and looking after the local farmers by producing our goods in a sustainable way.

We aim to contribute to a 100% organic and sustainable food chain, and you can play your part in this when you order organic seeds online through our store. If you’d like to know more about Naturell-ab as a seeds wholesaler or for more information on our full range of products, get in touch with the team today.